Our goal is to make composting easy.

If you are interested in composting because you are a gardener, organic or otherwise, we have information on how to make compost. You can help you make it fast, or you can do it the slow and easy way.

Compost Recipe

Here's a basic starter compost recipe, 5 steps to starting your compost pile. Suggestions on what kind of pile to build, containers (optional of course), what to put into your compost pile, and what not to try composting.

Compost Bins

You need a place to put your compost pile, here we go over the advantages and compare types of compost bins and compost tumblers. We include product reviews on different composters, from the lower cost models like the popular Earth Machine composter and the Soilsaver composter to the higher end compost tumblers like the Envirocyle composter. We also look at different types of homemade compost bins.

How to Use Compost

Of course, composting is the ultimate way to recycle the waste matter we put out. Composting works well because it works in concert with nature, not against it. We have information on composting kitchen waste that works for even the urban "gardener". We also can help you composting leaves, as well as composting grass clippings and other yard waste, which help keep those high volume items out of our landfills, while enriching the local environment known as our lawns and gardens. It's something that's good for you, and for the rest of us as well.

Composting Videos

If you are looking for educational resources, we have some information on composting for kids. We've even collected few videos on composting, ranging from Martha Steward and Oscar the Grouch, to city wide projects to compost.

If you are just getting a compost bin started, you may want to try one of the compost starters that are available.

So, get to work on your composting today. It's not as much work as you think, and it pays dividends in many ways.

And if you are interested in other gardening tools like hanging tomato planters have a look at How to Garden Guide for lots of ideas.